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The Traveler Film
Our feature film, "The Traveler", is currently making its own travels of independent film festivals around the globe!

We've collected a few award laurels so far... Find the trailer below! Keep an eye on our social media for announcements of screening dates and cities.

Expedition Video from 2007
Nexus Expeditions - May 2007 - Egvekinot Interview (In Russian) - Wednesday May 16, 2007

Local TV Interview conducted in Egvekinot, Chukotka, Russia, May 2007.
Nexus Expeditions - April 2007 - Chukotka TV Interview Anadyr - Saturday April 7, 2007

April 2007: Interview conducted by Chukotka TV, Anadyr, Russia
This interview of Karl Bushby and Dimitri Kieffer was conducted when they both returned to Chukotka and prior to starting their expedition again.
Discussing route details with Nikolay Ettyne.
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