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"Ride your bike through Ulaanbaatar"
Lothar Abenteuer - German - Monday June 10, 2013

The people we meet here are "completely crazy". Dimitri, who has French and Russian roots, stems from the States. He is traveling throughout the world only by self-powered means.
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"The Steppe Oasis"
Touren Fahrer - German - Monday June 10, 2013

New faces, new stories, new philosophies. All interesting, all worth listening to. As that of Dimitri, who lives in Seattle. An extremist when it comes to traveling. His goal - to circumnavigate the world on his own. "Human powered," as it is called Dimitri. The only tools that he allows himself to this ordeal, bike, sled or rowing boat are (with whom he wants to cross the Atlantic) - all things that he can move with his muscles.
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